Ken Pounders came to know the Lord at an early age. But through the course of his teenage years he lost sight of God’s purposes for him.  As he delved deeper into the ways of the world, he found no hope for his future.  Until one day he entered a program where he was saturated in God’s Word daily for a whole year.  During that time, Ken read in God’s Word where it said “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  He knew this would be his life calling.

In preparations, Ken attended Bible College receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Pastoral Counseling; Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Master’s of Divinity.  He also continued ministering while in college assisting in the Teen Challenge program, preaching and speaking in churches, schools and businesses, and local mission efforts.

Now he finds himself traveling all around the world; India, Moldova, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bulgaria and other parts of the world, preaching the gospel, training men and women to share the gospel and supporting & developing orphanages and children’s programs.  He is fulfilling the call of God on his life and seeing much fruit!  To God be the glory!

Sonya was raised in a Christian home from the time she was four years old. Her parents were what many have termed as “first generation ministers.”

Her parent’s came from homes of varying differences – her father’s family was large, Lebanese and raised by an alcoholic step-father.  Her mother’s family struggled with emotional issues stemmed from the generation she was brought into.  But her parents came to know the Lord.  They went from secular jobs to doing everything they could to help young people find their way with a relationship with God that would change them from the inside out.

Sonya met Ken after he completed her father’s program and they married.  She and Ken have spent the twenty-eight years of their marriage doing everything they can to prepare themselves for the mission work God has called them to.

They are both involved in traveling and ministering around the world as well as in the United States whenever opportunities arise.  Sonya knows the power of God to not only change lives but to direct them in amazing paths of opportunity & Godly pursuits.  She believes not only in missions around the world, but missions at home as well.

Sonya holds a Associate degree in Business Administration and Banking & Finance.   She has been involved in the homeschool movement for over twenty years teaching, planning co-ops and enrichment classes.  She  enjoys family time, singing and writing.

She seeks to serve God by ministering in foreign countries and in the United states by sharing Christ’s love through services, Women’s Conferences and youth groups.

Randy Johnson has his roots in missions.  He has served as director to two Teen Challenges; ran a success outreach in Red Hook, NY and after returning to work with the state due to the needs of his father-in-law – he began reaching out to India.

His ministry, Vision India, along with Priority! Evangelism launched the House of Hope – an orphanage reaching out to the children of Arisa.  Randy is both a former board member of Priority! Evangelism as well as one of Ken Pounders fellow laborers and friends.  He has a heart after God like no other man and continues to be a light to the world for the sake of Christ.

Dale Beason was born and raised in the North Carolina area. He spent his life living for himself and using up every asset he had in his hands.  But one day, after loosing every thing dear to him- family, finances, friends – he turned his life over to God.  He began to work in the church helping children through bus ministry and giving all he could to assist those less fortunate than himself.  But he yearned to do more.

He had almost given up on being able to really reach out to anyone else as he was getting older.  But for several years he had become a part of the Priority! Evangelism family. He felt God had something special for him to do with this ministry.  Finally, he shared his dream one day to be a missionary. Ken Pounders said, “There’s no better time like the present.”  A few visits; a few connections; a few ideas for ministry – and before he knew it, he was in Nicaragua sharing Christ, working with orphanages and managing teams with mission endeavors.  He’s proof that God makes all things new!

As transformed committed followers of Christ we look for opportunities to minister the heart of God in everyday life. Our faith is simple, as we believe that anyone can accomplish much with Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith and able to do greater things in our lives than we may ever dream possible!

Mike’s salvation journey started in 1982 and until just the last few years was like many Christians in the western culture. He would talk a good talk but his walk was not always there. Through some personal events in his life a major transformation of supernatural power began to emerge. He serves an awesome and mighty God who he refers to usually as Daddy.

Chondra grew up in church, but fell into the ways of the world for a few years, which ended with the loss of everything. She reached for help from family and began looking to God again. In meeting Mike, he helped her understand and develop a personal relationship with our heavenly Father. Her growth in the Lord has been transforming, and continues to mold her character. She desires & pursues more moves of God and seeking His will above all else in this life now!

As we continue each day to serve less of us and more of Him in our lives, the miraculous continues. The greatest is in seeing souls transformed from darkness to light by the blood of Jesus. Our hearts desire is to see our heavenly Daddy move us into deeper places with Him so that we get out of the way and He becomes glorified.

Sonny Kirk came to know Christ at an early age. He has worked for the last thirty- seven years in pastoral ministry as a pastor, associate and now a missions team coordinator. He continues to serve at Antioch Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama in pastoral care.

His first overseas mission trip was in 1999 where he took a small team to the Philippines. That was where God first moved on his heart and gave him the desire
for foreign missions. In 2004 when his son-in-law encouraged him to go he went to Costa Rica.

The doors began to open for Sonny to recruit and lead teams on short-term, life changing trips to Costa Rica, which he has done for the last eight years.

When he met Ken Pounders and Priority Evangelism, he felt the Lord pulling him to link up with this established mission organization. After much prayer and preparation, Sonny approached Ken about joining the mission team of Priority! Evangelism.

We are honored to have Sonny working along side of us reaching into Central America.

Sean and Mary McAfee live in Rutherfordton, NC with their happy toddler, Ian.  They met during a Father’s Vineyard summer youth group service project in 2003, weeks before Mary left for Mexico as a missionary.  She served with WEC International for several years before returning to the States with a mysterious continuous headache in 2008.  Miraculously healed in 2010, she and Sean reconnected, fell in love and were happily married in Oct 2011.  Mary now works at CIT, the Center for Intercultural Training, in Union Mills, and Sean works in Rutherfordton with Youth Empowerment, a mentoring agency for teens at risk.  We are glad to have them as a part of the support team for Priority Evangelism.  Mary is our liaison in North Carolina.  She handles our accounting, mail and other needed tasks in that area.